Personal growth through adventure

Children grow fast and revel in new activities. At a relatively young age they quickly become ready to look for new challenges beyond the family and school. Therefore, Scouts encourages all its members to 'Be Prepared… for new adventure'! 

'Adventure' means different things to children and young people of varying ages. For example, for a Beaver Scout, adventure could be as simple as their first day out in the country or attempting an obstacle course. For Cub Scouts it might mean camping in tents, attending an event such as a Cuboree, or tackling a half-day walk. As young people progress through Scouts, Venture Scouts and Rover Scouts, they can experience adventure through more challenging outdoor activities, performing arts, public speaking, leadership roles, service activities (at home or overseas), attending large-scale national and international events, and so much more!!!

In Scouts, children learn independent thinking, social interaction, leadership skills, problem-solving and responsibility. Girls and boys are equally involved, and as Scouts progress through the age-based Sections, developing independence, reasoning and physical strength, they take on more responsibility for organising and running their own activities and challenges. Non-competitive activities where children can develop at their own pace are terrific for building their self-esteem and confidence.

Caring for ourselves, each other, and the environment

A great milestone for children is when they learn to take responsibility for themselves and become concerned for others. Scouting provides an environment which fosters leadership and encourages tolerance, respect and consideration of others. 'Helping other people' is an important aspect of the Scout program, and Scouts are encouraged to give back to the community by participating in local, national and international events and service projects.
Environmental awareness and care has been an integral part of Scouting since it began in 1907. Numerous Scouting activities take place in the outdoors, which gives children and young people myriad opportunities to connect with and make the most of the wonderfully environmental diversity. Every year, Scouts organise and participate in a huge number of environmental activities. Many Scout Groups are also involved with national events such as Clean Up Day.